Вебинар-конференция по китайско-иранским отношениям, 11 мая 2021 г., Университет Бирмингема, Школа государственного управления, Великобритания.

12 Май 2021
On the 11th of May 2021 a webinar-conference on Sino-Iranian relations  “Strategic alliance or a careful calculus for managing the ‘Persian Gulf Dilemma’ ” – was conducted by political scientists and historians from USA, China, Iran, Morocco and Ukraine) with moderation by Pourya Nabipour, 3rd year PhD candidate, University of Birmingham, School of Government, U. K.

The panellists and their presentations:

Dr. Zaynab El Bernoussi, Universite Internationale de Rabat, Colllege of Law, Political Science, Morocco: “Importance of China relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council”

Prof. John Garver, International Affairs in the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA:
“What are the origins of the Sino-Iranian ‘comprehensive strategic partnership’ agreed in March 2021. Why now?”

Prof. Wang Li, JilinUniversity, School of International & Public Affair, China:
“Chinese strategic perspective”

Dr. William Figueroa, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA:
“China and the Iranian left: transnational networks of social, cultural and ideological exchange”

Prof. Valentin Yakishik, NationalUniversity of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine:
“Theoretical aspects of China’s approach to the Middle East for Peacebuilding”

Pourya Nabipour, 3rd year PhD candidate, University of Birmingham, School of Government U. K. 
“China-Iran relations and their significance for the Persian Gulf region”