Гучуа, Алика

Гучуа, Алика / Участник МФКО

Alika Guchua (October 9, 1990, Zugdidi city, Georgia) is a Ph.D. in Political Science, Associate Professor (CIU), Head of the Bachelor Program in International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Caucasus International University (Georgia). Head of the Strategic Studies Institute for Research Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Threats (Georgia). Executive Director of Institute of Geostrategy and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Georgia. Executive Director of Young Experts Association (Georgia). His research interests include weapons of mass destruction, conflict, terrorism, cyber terrorism, strategic strike weapons, asymmetric threats, armed conflicts, war studies, hybrid threats, cybersecurity, nuclear security, global security.

E-mail: alika_guchua@ciu.edu.ge


2014, he graduated from the International Relations Program of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Caucasus International University. The title of the paper is: US-Iranian relations and Iran's nuclear policy. He was awarded a bachelor's degree in international relations.

2015-2016, he studied at the Master's program of the University of Lodz in Poland, Faculty of Politics and Science.

2017 - he graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Caucasus International University, defended the scientific topic: "Euro-Atlantic Security and Geopolitical Transactions from Cooperative Security to the New Cold War" and was awarded the academic degree of Master of International Relations.

2020 - he defended his dissertation at the same university on the topic: "The Strategic Strike Weapon and Its Defining Policy in aegis of the Euro-Atlantic Security Geostrategy: NATO and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)" and became a doctor of political science.


(in Georgian) "NATO and Non-State Aggressive Religious Actors (Islamic Caliphate, Al Qaeda and the Taliban) - The Fourth Generation War Strategy and Its Geopolitical Aspects of Regional and National Security (2010-2019)", Publishing House Tbiliseli Print LLC, Georgia, Tbilisi- 2020. P. 368.

Collective monographs

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Student's book

(in Georgian) Student's book X and XI class Defense and security. Georgia, Tbilisi -2021. PP. 280.

Main published papers

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