Аввад, Махамед

Аввад, Махамед / Участник МФКО

PhD in Philosophy / Logic (candidate) - Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science - University of Montreal (2000)
Lecturer - American University of Beirut


Lecturer - American University of Beirut, awwad.mohamad@gmail.com

Research Fields

Logic and Computing, Philosophy of Computing.

Other Research Interests and Background

Graph Theory, Distributed Computing, Algorithmics, Theory of Computation, Discrete Mathematics.


M. Awwad holds a B.Sc. (1997) and a M.Sc. (2000) in Computer Science from the University of Montreal (Canada). Previous research related toGraph Theory and Distributed Computing has been conductedin the Theoretical and Quantum Computing Laboratory at the University of Montreal. In addition, he completed a Multidisciplinary Studies Diploma at the University of Quebec (1996-1999) and followed a Communication Proficiency Program at McGill University (2012).

He has been teaching graduate and undergraduate Mathematics and Computer Science courses for more than seventeen years at various universities. These universities include the University of Montreal, the Holly-Spirit University of Kaslik, the Sagesse University of Beirut where he acted for 5 years as chairperson of the Management Information Systemsdepartment and founded BA and MA programs in MIS- some with co-degrees with the university of Bordeaux-France, and the Beirut-based and French-affiliatedCentre National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM). Courses taught go from Programming languages, to Discrete and combinatorial Mathematics to Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, Automata Theory, Algorithmics, and Theory of Computation.

M. Awwad currently lectures Mathematics and Information Science at the American University of Beirut. His main research interests revolve around studying the influences of logic on computer science, and in investigating the links between Logic, computational processes, and human minds, including the limits and the meanings that condition these notions.

Selected Publications and Conferences

  • M. Awwad, “Influences of Frege’s Logic on some Computational Models”,Future Human ImageJournal, March 2018.
  • M. Awwad, “Frege’s Logic and the Origins of Computing”, The 8th International Conference "Teaching Logic and Prospects of its Development", Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2018.
  • M. Awwad, “Symmetry and Sense of Direction in the Graphs”, M.Sc. thesis, University of Montreal and The National Library of Canada, 2000.