Тэн, Хан-Тин

Тэн, Хан-Тин / Участник МФКО

Associate professor, Department of History of Guang Dung University of Petrochemical Technology. PhD of literature, Institute of Social Research and Culture Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Chinese Taiwan(2018). kobetung@hotmail.com


Master of Communication- Communication and Cultural Studies, FoGuan University, Chinese Taiwan (2011).

Bachelor of Engineering- Information of Communication, Chinese Culture University, Chinese Taiwan (2008).


Research: Hip hop Culture, Popular Music Cultural Studies, Chinese/Black Cultural Studies, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Media Criticism Discussion, Cultural Political Economy.


Journal Papers

  • Tang, H.T. (2022). the Historical Context of China Hip Hop / Rap: Chinese Black Field, Dialect Rap, and “Keepin’ it Real” Construction by the Mainstream/Official Upsurge. Cultural Studies. Taipei, 2022.
  • Tang, H.T. (2012). Listen to the Song of Times- neglected hip-hop culture / rap memory. Cultural Studies. Taipei, 2012. Pp.128-130.

Conference papers

Tang, H.T. (2012). The erase and amplification in globalization, the translated of 'Blackness' in China hip hop - a Preliminary Literature Investigation, published at the Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies conference.